Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bottlecap Pincushion Christmas Ornaments

I've shown off my bottlecap pincushions before but it was this post HERE when I attempted to make Christmas ornaments for our local fair's arts and crafts contest and they didn't come out so good.  I tried to sew the hanging ribbon into the ornament when I blanket stitched the top and it made them all crinkled.  

That was when my efriend Nancy suggested that I sew the ribbon on the outside of the pincushion and use pretty buttons to cover up the tales. 
Well, Nancy is a genius!!!

You're a genius Nancy!

This time, they came out perfectly.  I sent these to my Christmas ornament swap partners.

Here is the back of one where you can see how I sewed the button over the ribbon.  Sorry it's very blurry.

I love making these but they are very time consuming.  Very cheap to make - probably less than a quarter's worth of materials.  But they take me soooo long to make.  Possibly because I consider myself a novice embroiderer.  I'm sure lots of people would be able to whip them out.  But they sure are fun! 


  1. Gorgeous! And I guess I should dig my toe in the dirt and say "aw, shucks" here, but it was really all in the execution: you did a lovely job on them.


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