Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Weekly Featured Etsy Artist!

My first ever, weekly, featured etsy artist is (drum roll!!!!!) Jaime at Scrapbooking Made Simple (

I first found Jaime's shop using the "shop local" feature on etsy. I was really just wondering around, looking to see if there were many other etsians in my area. (Jaime lives in Longview, Texas which is only about 1 hour away from where I live in Tyler.)
She has the most adorable paper bag scrapbook albums in her shop. So I bought one that was done with beautiful bright papers to give to my in laws for Christmas in 2007. Jaime customized it for us with fishing quotes, grandparent quotes, and a special title on the front. I have to say, out of the 18 years I have known my Mother in law, that was the only present I have ever given her that she actually liked! And the album was sooooo well made, very neat and tidy yet whimsical and fun!

Jamie carries many more things in her shop now. She still has the paperbag albums, but she also carries magnet sets, altered tin refrigerator scrapbooks, custom glass tile photo pendants and much, much more!
Jaime got started selling her scrapbooks in November of 2006 when she was encouraged by a friend to sell her items in the friends booth at a local craft fair. She took 10 albums and sold them all! She says she gets her inspiration from the paper. "I am always on the look out for fun, different papers. After I find the papers, I decide on coordinating cardstock (solid colors) and I'm set. From there, it's like an assembly line as I cut papers to size, round corners and then assemble it all together. Sometimes I add stickers or 3D embellishments, depending on the scrapbook. For the magnets, I use the scraps from my scrapbooks. For the photo pendants, as well as photo magnets, it's all about the pictures I am sent in by the buyer. I have the pleasure of cropping them and turning them into precious necklaces or magnets."
Jaime of Scrapbooking Made Simple is a SAHM of 2 boys and one sweet hubby :).

Check out Jaime's shop - I know you'll find something you like!!!

Thanks Jaime!!


  1. I have family in longview and carthage! what a small little world!


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