Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Homecoming Week and the MUM

Homecoming week at my son's school was September 29 - October 4th.  It's a lot of fun for the kids because each day is a theme day and they get to dress up (and not wear their uniforms!)  Then of course Friday afternoon is the big pep rally and then the football game that night - which we won!!  YAY Go Cru!

So, the reason I didn't get any blogging done the last 2 weeks of September was because for about a week I was working on my son's Homecoming date's mum.  Then I had to take a few days to rest from all that work.  LOL  These mums are seriously important to the kids.  So that means they are also important to the moms.  They are time consuming to make - unless you're the lady at Hobby Lobby who can pop out 3-4 a day - and they are actually very expensive.  All the little bits and bobs that you have to buy end up being pricey and for some reason I always overbuy and end up with a box of stuff for next year.  You can end up spending anywhere from $70 to several hundreds of dollars.  So as you can see, this is a HUGE crafting project.
For anyone who isn't aware of the Texas Homecoming Mum traditions, you can read last years blog post here.

I have lots of pictures to show of this years mum so I'll just get to it.

 My son's date's name is Hailey and that is a music note in the center of the mum flower.  Hailey plays clarinet in the band so I had several band themed doodads.

 Fuzzy picture :(
 The following pictures are of the mum that Hailey game my son Ben.  Yes, in Texas the boys wear mums too.  They are attached to garters which are worn on the arm.

 This is a seriously good mum.  See the little Crusaders in the flower.  That is so cool.  I'm going to copy some of the ideas from this mum next year.

Btw, their football team is now 6 and 0 which is so great!  I've got my finger's crossed that they make it to the playoffs.
Thanks for reading my super long, picture heavy Homecoming mum blog post.  And now for your viewing pleasure, a picture of Hailey and Ben before departing for the dance.

Look at her gorgeous hair!  She looked like a princess.


  1. I have to admit, I have no idea what Homecoming is and I had no idea what a mum was until I read this! OK, I do know what a mum is, it's a mother, but I don't think you're talking about my mum! I was surprised about the school uniform comment, I didn't realise that kids in the states wore school uniforms, I always thought it was a British thing.


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