Sunday, September 14, 2014

Putting the Dottie Away ALYOF

My goal for ALYOF for August was to complete the 24 quarter circles that I needed to make my 6 Dottie place mats (this was a project that we were doing with a class in our local guild).  I actually did get my goal in on time but I didn't get a blog post done in time so it doesn't count.  I also didn't get my goal for September posted.  Ack!

What happened?  Was it the start of school?  The really hot weather?  The end of summer?
I don't know.  Just disorganization I guess.  We'll go with that anyway.

So here are my completed Dottie quarter circles.  I've put them all together in the pictures so you can see that they really are all there.
 So, I've finished my goal for August but now I'm going to put the dotties away for awhile.  I have so many projects that I need to get finished by Christmas or the end of the year that I just don't want to have these dotties dragging me down.  That's right.  I've lost my dottie mojo.

If I weren't so far into the project, I'd scrap it altogether.
But I love all the different fabrics that I used.  After all, it is all MY fabric - from my stash that is.  I know how I want to complete the place mats and I do plan on taking this back up.  I don't want it to be a never completed UFO.
But for now they're going in the box.

If I had remembered to post my goal for September, it would have been to get my Halloween table runner quilted.  I know how I want it quilted and I've already basted it and it's sitting on my sewing machine table.  I just need to start.


  1. Oh haven't lost your dottie mojo!! Hope you find it again as they are all looking rather lovely. Your dotties all ooze glorious colour and pattern! Love them!

  2. Better to take a dot timeout than risk a dotty overwhelm and its eventual banishment to UFO neverland. You will take them back out when you have the time & patience & get them done, I have no doubts.
    That said... they look great. I like that you did not stick to only dots as the original directions said like some of us. (I may never cut a dot again!)

    1. Robyn, don't say that. Dots are awesome. And you'll love your lovely Dottie quilt forever.


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