Friday, April 4, 2014

April Goal and a Friday Finish

Ok.  First things first.
My goal for March for A Lovely Year of Finishes was to complete the Giant Starburst Quilt which I did.
So, now moving on down my to-do list, my April goal is to make a new phone pouch for my husband which he has wanted for some time (and I'm tired of listening to him complain).
I can't find a picture of the one he has now but it's similar to the one I made my FIL for Christmas which is this one:
 This was made from a lightweight cotton that looks like denim and I used a heavy interfacing to make it stiff.
 The belt loop is added on the back and he just slides his belt through it and that's it.  No clip, no worrying about it falling into the toilet, no carrying it in a pocket where it is uncomfortable.  My FIL uses his everyday.
Phone fits right inside and it kind of blends with his jeans that he always wears.

My hubby uses his everyday to and has since I made it about 2 or so years ago.  It is showing it's age.  I have this leftover UT Texas fabric that I'm going to try to use as lining or something.  We'll see how it turns out.
And now for my Friday Finish!
I made a new pillow cover for my front porch pillow.  The old one had faded really bad and was so sad that I was tired of looking at it.
So I bought this new fabric which is resistant from fading for up to 500 hours of sunlight.  Great!  
Anyway I love the colors in it, aquas, greens, and blues.  I made this cover a bit too big for the pillow because the last cover was really tight and was impossible to get off and on. 
But, as you can see from the picture of the back, it's maybe a bit too large.

 The back is just a white cotton duck I already had.
 My front porch.  The pillow looks great but everything else needs a makeover and it needs plants.  I'll have to see what I can do.  My son likes to spray paint, maybe he'd paint my table for me - a happy yellow?
 Welcome back to Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts.
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  1. hook 'em horns! hope you get that pouch done soon so the hubby will stop whining. =)
    pretty pillow! I'd ay leave the table because they match. but sunny yellow is nice, too.

    1. Me too! I decided on a paint color but I think I'll let it be a surprise. I'll post about it when I finish my porch.

  2. love the pillow, and can't wait to see the finished phone holder!!!!

  3. Pretty pillow! Someday... I will finally make it over to your porch to cuddle it!


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