Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday was March 10th which was a Sunday and the first weekend of Spring Break for us.  I realize I'm late posting this, and I apologize, but I just had to share some of the weekend festivities with you.

We decided to go to Dallas for the weekend.  Mostly because they were having the Dallas Quilt Guild Quilt show which I had never been to but just couldn't pass up.  And also because we like going on mini vaca trips to Dallas.  We usually go several times a year sometimes to see a Rangers game or some other specific reason but mostly just to hang out.  It's only about 2 hours away from our house and for some reason, my son loves staying in hotels.

So here are some pics of our weekend.

My present opening.  (a very blurry picture of me and my new "jugs".) 
My husband and son each got me a Fiesta ware pitcher.  One was lime green and the other was turquoise.  My 2 favorite colors.  I've been wanting to start collecting them and now I have :)  I already had an orange one.   I also have 3 antique pitchers that are not Fiesta but I love them just the same.  We have a large Fiesta ware "collection".  And by collection, I mean we use them for our everyday dishes.  Have for years. 

My son took this picture.  He took about 6 of me and my hubby and they were all just as blurry.  Great.
Me and my son.
The Dallas Quilt Show was awesome.  Not as big as the Houston Quilt show of course but it was much larger than our local quilt show (which is growing every year btw).

I don't have the names of the people who made these quilts.  I just took pics of ones I liked.  There were so many and so many that I liked but of course my battery started going dead about half way through.
This one was in the modern quilting section and I thought it was sooo cool.
We had my bday dinner at this little funky restaurant on Greenville called Daddy Jacks.  I didn't want to go to a chain restaurant with their frozen crappy food that they just thaw and serve.  Daddy Jacks was wonderful.  The freshest seafood I have tasted this far inland.  I highly recommend it - but it's tiny so if you go, get a reservation.

Instead of a cake, we got cupcakes at Society Bakery also on Greenville.  Their "plain cupcakes" like chocolate was just okay.  Your regular old cupcake.  But where they excel is with their fun flavors.  My hubby bought Pecan Praline and let me have a bite.  I thought I would die, it was so good.  My son got Oreo but didn't let me have a bite.  And I got Italian crème which was as good as the Italian crème cake I make which is awesome.  We will definitely be going back.

We also went to the Krispy Kreme and bought a whole box of doughnuts which we ate for breakfast.  Calories you eat on your b-day don't count though - right?

We had a great time and I love my hubby and son for giving me such a fun birthday weekend. 

And now for pics of my quilt show loot.  Ahhh shopping, the best part.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I love going to Dallas. We used to live in Richardson, and I would go back in a heartbeat. My daughter lives in Frisco, so we get to enjoy it a few times a year.

    Look at all that loot! So fun to buy alla the stuff that goes with quilting.

    You and your family are very good looking! ;)


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