Monday, January 14, 2013

EtsyMom Ready for 2013 Blog Hop

The EtsyMom team is having a blog hop to celebrate the new year!  Participating team members are blogging about business tips, ideas, recipes, organizational ideas and anything else that might help out fellow moms and business owners.

So here we go - my business tip/organization idea is about packaging and shipping of your sold items.

I am lucky enough to have a whole room as my sewing space.  I love it and I try to keep it organized mostly because disorganization overwhelms me. 
I have a table that I use as my "shipping area".  On this table, I keep everything that I might need to package a product that has sold.  I package every product exactly the same way.  The repetition of it keeps me from making a mistake and forgetting something.  How many of you have packaged up an item and sealed the envelope only to realize you forgot to include your business card?  I know I have.  Thus, the repetition.

(the little Santa box in the pic holds safety pins)

All of my items are placed in cello bags once they are listed on etsy.  Here are the steps I take when an item sells.
1.  Print the receipt/packing slip.
2. Gather the sold item.
3. Make sure it has a "care instructions" card if needed.
4. Seal the cello bag.
5. Tie a pretty ribbon around the item to make it look like a gift.  I want my customers to enjoy opening their purchase.  I think the packaging should make them feel special.
6. Fold the packing slip and slip it and a business card under the ribbon. 
7.  Tie a Thank You card to the ribbon.
8.  Place in envelope, weigh, print shipping label and attach

Here are pics of an apron that is ready to be placed in an envelope:

I've gotten so many packages from sellers on etsy who don't even take the time to write "thank you" on a piece of paper and include it in my package.  They just stick the item in an envelope and mail.  I've even received breakables that weren't in bubble wrap or bubble mailers.  Just stuck in an envelope.  I hate when that happens. 

One final tip - packaging your items doesn't have to be expensive.  A 3x2 inch piece of scrapbook paper folded in half makes a good thank you card.  Just write a little note on the inside.

I hope my tips help.  Thanks for reading!

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Hi Mamma


  1. Hi Tricia, I have had this on my to-do list for some time and your post has given me the "visual" push to get it done! Thanks for the super helpful tips and the insightful pictures, your suggestions will really help me with my craft room redesign. OX, Kimberly

  2. Thank you for sharing your packaging tip. Just made me think of some things I need to redo.

  3. Thanks Kimberly and HI Mamma! So glad you came to read my blog!

  4. Great post! I love the thank you card idea. I know I love getting packages that look like they were packaged with care. :)Jenn


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