Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday - A name tag for my new modern quilting group!

We have started a new Modern Quilting Group in Tyler, Tx.  We meet every 4th Thursday from 4-7.  The time is "come and go" so if you can't get there right at 4pm, don't worry about it.  Come when you can and bring your sewing machine and a project to work on.  We meet at the Nimble Thimble on Old Jacksonville Highway.  Everyone is welcome and there is no charge.  We would like to get the word out to people in Longview and the surrounding area so please help us spread the word.

My WIP this week ties into our new Modern Quilting group.  We are all making name tags to wear for our meetings.  Since I love paper piecing so much, I decided to do a small paper pieced pinwheel in a star and sew my name on bottom.  I plan to hand embroidery my name.  

Here's a pic of what I have so far:

And here's my messy work station.  I also have a block cut out for my Saturday Sampler and I just need to put it together. 
I love a work in progress.  It makes me want to start another project :)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Quilty Birthday Finish

I made up a sweet little quilt to give to my friend for her birthday.  I was 2 months late.  Sigh.  But that's okay because she liked it and that's really all that matters.
 My pictures stink.  Sorry about that.  I took them inside in low light and that was a mistake.  Especially, since I can't fix that.

Anyhoo, two of the blocks are paper pieced and the other two are regular pieced.  I've been itching to do the paper pieced circle of geese for some time now and I just love it.  She loved it too which made me wish I had made four of them in different colors.  The multicolored star on bottom is also paper pieced.  The green plus block and the scrappy patchwork are the regular pieced ones.  I used some of my favorite fabrics in the scrappy patchwork.  See the little yoga monkey?  That fabric is from Michael Miller and is no longer available.  The plus block is my favorite block of all the blocks I've done so far.  I don't know why.  Maybe because it's easy and clean looking.

The background fabric is Kona Ash and Kona White.  I quilted it on my home machine with my walking foot in a diagonal straight line.  I did mark all my lines so they are straight not "organic" like I usually do.  I used a white 50 wt. Aurifil thread, I think it was number 2021.
The fabrics are all from my stash.  We'd be here all day if I listed them all.  See the little elephants in the star fabric?  OH, how I LOVE that fabric.  I also have it in blue and orange but my blue is running really low and my orange isn't far behind.

This quilt measures approximately 24 x 24 inches.  It's bound with scrappy fabric binding that was the extra on other quilts but I made sure it all matched.

My backing is made up of more Kona Ash and some of the fabrics from the front.  See my cute quilt label?  I've been following the tutorial from My Quilt Infatuation for some time now and I just love it.  It makes a sweet little label.
I swear it wasn't all crooked in real life.  At least I don't think it was.

Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday with Half a Finish

I meant to write this blog post this morning but somehow the day just got away from me.  Today was my son's first day back to school.  He's a 10th grader now.  It makes me so sad but at the same time, I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, I've almost missed WIP Wednesday since I'm posting so late.  I'll make it short and sweet, how about that?

For the past few days, I've been working on a Halloween table runner.  I know most people could have finished this little project in a day or two but I'm super slow.  
I do finally have the top finished though so now comes the fun part of making the back, basting and quilting it.  I'm taking Jackie Gehrig's Quilting with a Walking Foot class on Craftsy so I'm thinking about using a technique from the class to quilt it.
This pattern is called Granny Square Stars and I got it in a little book I picked up at my LQS a couple of weeks ago called On the Run Again by Heather Mulder Peterson.  It has lots of little table topper projects in it.  I used Riley Blake's Witch Hazel charm pack to make it but since there were only 21 charms in it, I had to add 3 squares that I cut from my stash and 12 solids to coordinate.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I usually like brighter, happier colors but this is for Halloween so I guess I'll live.  :)

 I think the problem I have with it is this dark green I used.  I should have gone with the orange to brighten it up.
I'm not usually a fan of the Granny Square though I've noticed it popping up on several blogs, kind of like Trip Around the World did last year.  But I do like this block with the star in the center.  It was also easy to make and I like the end result so I can definitely see myself using this again especially for a table runner.

So, that's my WIP.  A partially finished WIP. 
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wip Wednesday and ALYOF August Goal

This week I've been working on my dotties.  It's a project that I started several months ago with the teaching group in our guild - The Hive.  I got sidetracked working on my butterfly quilt (which is completed and will be in an upcoming post).  So, my dotties got moved to the side.  I went to all the Hive dottie classes but just didn't have time to work on it.

It's a great project that combines several sewing techniques - paper piecing, sewing curves, applique.  The final project is a quilt but I decided early on that I wanted to make mine into placemats.

I need some placemats and these will be scrappy and fun, filled with every color.  I was going to just make 6 but I've changed my mind to 8 so I'm going to need 32 quarter square circle paper pieced bits.  So far, I have 20 completed and I find my attention wandering.  

Wandering over to my project basket of things I want to get done sooner rather than later.  One of the things in there is a Halloween charm pack from Riley Blake called Witch Hazel.  I also bought some of the fabric in the line and I'm going to make a long table runner.  I've found the pattern I want to use and I can't wait to get started cutting on it.   
Ok.  Really, I've already started cutting,  I just couldn't stand it.  So, I guess that makes it another UFO. sigh

Those are my 2 works in progress for this Wednesday.  My dotties and my Halloween table runner.  My goal for August for A Lovely Year of Finishes is to finish the paper piecing for my dottie circles so that I have 32 quarter circle sections.  I'm setting my sites low in the hopes that I will finish my goal and go above and beyond -  hey, it could happen!

PS:  I actually did finish my Butterfly quilt in time to make the goal last month at ALYOF but I didn't get it blogged or posted which was my fault.  But hey, I finished something - YAY!

Happy Wednesday!
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Goal for ALYOF - Butterflies

Yes butterflies!  Butterflies and more butterflies!!  I've posted about them here, here, and here.  I have to have it finished by July 25th for the MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge and I'm going to if I have to not do anything but sew for the next 20 days.
I'm working on my last butterfly, then I'll piece the top, the back, sandwich and quilt then bind.  That is my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes - July.  I am going to finish my butterfly quilt because I've worked so hard on it and I really want it entered in the challenge. 

I've checked out some of the quilts entered over on the MQG community forums and they are great.  Really good uses of the fabric.  But I've got my fingers crossed because I'm hoping mine turns out really good too.
And one last thing, we went on vacation last week and I got my very first pedicure ever.  I mean I've done my own and polished my own toes my whole life but having someone else do it was so awesome. 
Thanks for dropping by!
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Friday, June 20, 2014

My Husband's New Car - The Midlife Crisis Years

On Tuesday of this week, I dropped my hubby of at the Ford dealership so that he could sign the papers on his new car.  Normally, getting a new car isn't something I would share on my blog because really who cares?

But this is a special car.  This is my husband's midlife crisis car.
He has wanted this car for years but never bought it even with my urging  ("just buy the car so you'll shut up about it already").  But now, my 15 year old son is taking driver's ed and will need a car to practice on.  In October when he turns 16 and once he finally finishes driver's ed, he will need a car.  So, we had already decided that since I have the newer car, it is my husbands turn to buy one and my son will get his handed down SUV which is only about 5 years old so that's pretty good.

So, dear hubby went looking far and wide at cars.  He decided that he should buy something practical like a pickup.  I think he had settled on the Honda pickup - whatever it's called.

Then one day he came home from work early and said he had gone and test drove the Mustang.  It wasn't exactly the model he wanted but at least he got a good feel for the car.  He knew exactly which one he wanted since he had dreamed about it for so long.  The 2014 Ford Mustang's have a very retro feel to them.  They even look similar to the Mustangs from the 60's - at least they do to me.

The fellow at the dealership (wanting to make a sale and having his target customer right there in his grasp - men in their 50's) got on the horn (internet) and found the exact car my husband wanted and got it here about 2 weeks later.  Then he called my hubby and told him they had just what he wanted and he was willing to make a deal. 
This is my father in law who liked it just about as much as my sweet hubby.

I'm so glad he got what he wanted.  He works so hard and takes care of his family and put's up with me.  He's a good husband and daddy.  Happy Belated Father's Day David!  We love you - so much.  I'm so glad you finally got your dream car.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wip Wednesday - The Butterflies Continue

I did a post here about my butterfly quilt that I'm working on.  It is for the Michael Miller fabric challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild.  The deadline is July 25th so I'm furiously working on finishing it.  I know exactly how I want to quilt it.

Take a look at what I have so far:

The painters tape on the floor outlines the size of the quilt top.  It's going to be about 43 inches by 53 inches. 

I'm done with 4 and 1/2 butterflies and still have 1 and 1/2 to go.  I'm getting pretty fast at making them though so I'd like to finish them this week. 

The space between the butterflies will be filled in with Kona White or a Michael Miller white Mirror Ball Dot which I love.
These butterflies are paper pieced and each one has 97 pieces.  I'm really loving this so far.

And of course, being a quilter, I'm also working on a separate project at the same time.  It's a secret project because it's for someones birthday.  I'm running late with it as her birthday has passed but that's ok.  I think she's going to love it.  Here is a small piece of it's awesomeness:
My secret WIP

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