Saturday, October 22, 2011

Update on EtsyMom Challenge

Well, according to the EtsyMom Website, the participation with this challenge was awesome.  I know I thought that the items made were great.

We were suppose to encourage people to vote on the item that they thought most represented the challenge and used the color palette the best -  not just have our friends vote for us (which is hard to do because I want to win!).

This is the item that I liked best.  It's by Little Tadpole Designs.  I thought she used the color palette best and it looks like she put alot of work into her little doll.  Plus it's cute as a bug.

Well, guess what.  She won and clearly someone else liked her adorable doll too because it's sold.

Congrats to Little Tadpole Designs and her sweet Kelly.
What a great Christmas present that will be for some sweet little girl.  And never fear, this one may be sold but she has more in her shop that are just as cute!

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