Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Review

Ok, so today, I have some book recommendations.
Many moons ago - I think when I was a teenager but  who remembers? - I read the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.  It is the best Christmas story I have ever read.  I mean the BEST.  It's about this family of kids named the Herdsmans whos father abandoned them, so they live with their single mom who works all the time just to keep a roof over their heads.  The kids pretty much raise themselves.  They have almost no adult supervision and they basically terrorize the town.

When my son was in 1st grade, I read it to him for the first time.  He loved it.  We've read it together several times since then and he has also read it by himself several times since then.  When he was in second grade, his teacher let me read it to his class before Christmas.  The kids who payed attention really enjoyed it.

I have since discovered that  Barbara Robinson has more books about the clever Herdsmen including The Best Halloween Ever and The Best School Year Ever.  I've read them both and they are a hoot.
At our last trip to the Half Price Book store in Dallas, I found this little gem (for $1.98 :)

My Brother Louis Measures Worms.   It's a series of short stories.  I'm about half way through it and it is laugh out loud funny.   These are great books for your kids to read.  They're at an AR level of about 4-5.  Really great little chapter books. 

So, that's my recommendation.  Any book by Barbara Robinson - especially The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  They are great for adults too!  Happy Reading!

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