Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

For several years now, I've been a fan of Project Runway.  I'm not a die hard fan because if the designers I like all get eliminated, I usually stop watching and never see the finale of the season.  I think I've seen 2 finales.  So that kind of tells you something.

I also never watch on the first airing - mostly because I forget or I'm busy or too tired.  I usually catch a repeat or watch on (love how they post the full episode almost immediately so you can view it, not like

Anyway, just tonight I watched this last episode which aired this past week.  It was the bridesmaid dress episode.  And now, I'm so ticked off that I had to make a blog post. 
Where did they get these people?
My child acted more mature than most of these "designers" when he was 2 and had a limited vocabulary.

Gretchen Jones seems to think the show is about her and has since the first episode.  I have to admit, I kinda liked her dress the first episode but she started showing her true colors by the second episode and was acting all high and mighty.  That's when I stopped liking her.  Yes, I realize this is a design challenge and not a popularity contest but what these people have to realize (and the Top Chef contestants too!!) is that we are all watching them.  And if the public doesn't like them, no one will go to eat at their restaurants or wear their clothes - even if they are the best.   I mean really, what's wrong with these people.  Someone has even started pages on Facebook that you can "like" if you want to keep Michael C. around and a Gretchen is a b@@#$ page.

The way they are bullying Michael C. is insane.  Almost the entire group is ganging up on him.  Isn't this the type of behavior we have been trying to get OUT of the school systems.  Aren't kids getting into trouble now for bullying?  And there have been cyber bullying cases that have made national news.  Bullying is no longer acceptable behavior.  It is now considered wrong.  I guess these people didn't get the memo.  They think they are still on the playground making fun of the kid who dresses differently from them.  

I have to say this last episode actually made me sick to my stomach.  I was soooooo glad when the judges gave Michael C. the win.  I don't care what he creates, he needs to go to Fashion Week and win just to put aweful Gretchen, Ivy, Valerie and all the rest in their place.  Sometimes the bullys DON'T win and they shouldn't - EVER!!!

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