Friday, August 6, 2010

Pics from the Smithsonian

At the Museum of Natural History - The Hope Diamond, a very rare blue diamond.  They also had another famous blue diamond on display near the Hope.  Apparently, it's very rare to be able to see 2 blue diamonds.
At the Museum of American History - Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball gown, shoes and jewelry.  They had alot of the different First Lady Inauguration gowns going way back.  Pretty cool.

Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat - worn to the Ford's Theatre the day he was shot.

Carol Burnette's "Gone with the Wind" dress.  Remember that episode?  It was so funny, I almost peed my pants.

They had lots of cool stuff that I have pics of but I don't want to bore everyone to death with all of them. 
I highly recommend a visit to Washington DC though, especially if you have middle school or older kids still at home.  My son learned so much and since history is his favorite subject, he was able to build on stuff he already knew.
I'll be posting a few more pics in days to come.  Mostly because I just can't resist. :)

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