Sunday, August 8, 2010

The National Mall

I swear I only have one more day after today when I'm going to show vacation pics.

Today's pics are all of the National Mall.

The Washington Monument taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  You can see the Capitol right behind the Washington Monument.  It was raining.  It started raining just as we got to the Lincoln Memorial so we just stayed there for about an hour until it was all rained out.  It cooled things down nicely.

Part of the Korean War Memorial.  I thought this memorial was very poignant.  There are full size soldiers with all their gear on including rain coats, walking as they would during the war.  It made me cry.

In this shot, we are actually up inside the TOP of the Washington Monument and this is a shot of the White House and Eclipse.

Also inside the Washington Monument, you can see the World War 2 Memorial, the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Monument in the back.

Next time, cupcakes!

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