Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Moving Sale

I love crafting but I have discovered that not everything I like to make is a big seller on etsy. I originally opened my Pink Pear Designs shop because I wanted to go in a different direction with my jewelry. I wanted to make vintage inspired romantic pieces. Unfortunately, the jewelry category on etsy is packed full, thus making it hard to get noticed.

So, in order to simplify my life, I've decided to close Pink Pear Designs and just have everything in one shop - Handmade Whimzy. But I'm also going to par down my offerings to just the things that sell the best.

In my Pink Pear Designs shop, I now have a Spring SALE/CLEARANCE section. I'm going to be adding all my necklaces, bracelets and rings to this section and they will all be marked down from 10-50%. The only thing that I will be moving to Handmade Whimzy are the earrings and hair accessories. Anything that doesn't sell before the listing expires, will be taken apart and I will either reuse the supplies or list them in my Whimzy Supplies shop.

This is a little sad for me as I had high hopes for Pink Pear Designs originally. But I don't feel that I can devote the time needed to both shops and it's just easier to have everything in one place.

So check out Pink Pear Designs for some great deals on really sweet, romantic jewelry!
Blue Rose VIntage Inspired Necklace - WAS $26 - NOW $20.80
Marked down 20% off!

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