Friday, February 5, 2010

Evil Sparky

I am evil Sparky.
See how sweet and innocent I look.
This is my favorite place to lay - on a dirty towel in my parent's bathroom. My daddy hates for me to lay in here and I love to irritate him. Plus, my mom keeps leaving dirty towels on the floor, so she must want me to lay here.
Hmmmm. Maybe in a little bit I'll go drink all the water out of that stupid dog's bowl. I'm sure that if I drink it all, someday mom will forget to fill it and he'll drop dead from dehydration. I hate that stupid dog. Maybe I'll go slap him as hard as I can with my little paw. I love to do that. And he just stands there and looks at me all sad. Stupid dog.
Or maybe I'll go bite someone. I like to do that too.

Stupid dog.


  1. How cute is your cat! Sparky, huh? Mine's Max and meaner'n all git-out, but I love him anyway. Long live cat lovers!

  2. Sparky sounds like a real character. Maybe he can blog some more....



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