Monday, February 15, 2010

Bathroom Remodel is Complete!

YAY! Our bathroom remodel is complete. With all the cold weather we've had lately, it took forever for the paint on the door to dry because I was painting it in the garage. But, we were able to hang it yesterday, so we are officially done!
The color is definitely brighter than the red. This color is called Dancing Mist although my DH calls it mint blue.
I've bought some soft black towels and a little black rug for the floor but haven't ordered the photos I want for the walls yet - mostly because I keep asking my hubbies opinion on the photos and he keeps changing my mind. That's why I usually don't ask for opinions :)
Look who's laying on the new rug - she likes to lay where she's not suppose too.
Isn't the new floor great? I just love it!


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