Saturday, September 12, 2009

GrandmaMarilyns rocks!

I received my Christmas bracelet today that I ordered last weekend from during her really good Labor Day sale (which also ran over into ETC's 1st Monday sale).

It is gorgeous!! Way prettier in person than in the picture and the picture was pretty good.

It is very sparkly and I know it will be noticed many times as I wear it during the Christmas season. It is delicate and sweet, which is just my style.
Marilyn does bead weaving and has some really awesome cuff style bracelets in her shop. Like this one which is GORGEOUS. But unfortunately, I don't like to wear chunky jewelry - not even something I've made. I'm sure I'm in a minority with that as I see people all the time with chunkier pieces which are absolutely beautiful and very noticeable.

Although, that stained glass cuff in her shop is so pretty, I'm tempted to buy it just to sit on a table, maybe in a stand or something and use it as an art piece.

So, once I received my gorgeous new bracelet, it came to me that Marilyn should be making these in all colors, not just Christmas. I would love to see this in white with purple crystals, or aqua and green (which I LOVE). So I'm going to email her and badger her with my idea. LOL

She has other, beautiful styles in her shop, but I love the delicacy of this one. Please don't get too mad at me when I badger you Marilyn!

I LOVE my new bracelet!!

(please forgive my crappy pictures - it's raining and dark here today)


  1. Thank you for the cudos, Tricia. I am glad that you like it. I will take under advisement making it in different colors. Have to see what crystals I have available.

  2. Oops, I forgot that I had on my ETC membership coordinator hat. LOL I am in the process of admitting 75 new members to the team.

  3. Supposedly chunky is in this fall, but I'm with you, I like the lacey look of your new bracelet.

  4. Wow that is a gorgeous bracelet! your wrist will be the belle of the ball this Holidays Season!!

  5. marilyn has some really beautiful creations. congrats on owning one that you love!

  6. GrandmaM is the best! And I love her shop. That bracelet is Fantastic.

  7. Lovely bracelet, Marilyn does weaving so nicely!!!

  8. It is a beautiful bracelet. It's great that you are happy with it. I like your idea of making it in different colors. There are a lot of different color combos that would look great. I think she'll especially love your idea of using purple crystals. Purple's her favorite color. :D

  9. What a perfect holiday bracelet, and always the highest quality with Grandma's!!!


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