Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Birthday - last week

Last Tuesday, March 10th, while my family and I were on vacation, we celebrated my birthday. My (cough, cough) 29th birthday - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway, the nice and really excellent housekeeping staff in the Disneyland Hotel left me this cute "cake" made out of towels and this sweet card with a signed pic of Mickey and Minnie. Thanks so much Disneyland Hotel staff - we enjoyed our stay! They also gave me a birthday pin and I wore it all day while at Disneyland. About a million people told me Happy Birthday. It was a little weird.

My own sweet hubby and son gave me these two cards and played a trick on me at the same time. They gave me a gift card to my least favorite store in the world (in fact I hate it) - Walmart. I just stood there looking at it and not knowing what to say. They know how I feel about that aweful place.

Then they said, "just kidding, that one's empty and your real gift is at home". So, I didn't strangle them that day.
My son took my pic in front of this Disney Celebrate sign. Can you tell I have about three sweaters on. I was freezing. When is it ever warm in California? I've been there 3 times and we can't seem to hit a warm month. The temps ranged from 40's to 60's but as soon as the sun started to go down, the temps just plunged. So it was semi-warm for only about 4 hours each afternoon. And there were people in the POOL! Can you believe it? I told my Dh that they were probably from Canada or were in that Polar Bear club.

We have so many good pics from this trip that I'm sure I'll have to force them on you guys at some point. I'll try to go slow. LOL

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