Sunday, November 9, 2008

Red, White, and Blue Festival in Bullard, Texas

Thanks Bullard, Texas and Darlene for organizing such a great festival! I'm from a small town and this really brought back memories of the yearly parade and festival that I grew up with.

Bullard is such an adorable little town. The festival was in celebration of Veteran's day and it was awesome. They had a parade, Miss Armed Forces contest, art contests for the kiddos, an arts and crafts fair, some yummy food and lots of performances by local folks.

My booth did fairly well considering it was a pretty small festival and it was my first time. I met a couple of etsy sellers that I didn't know and saw a couple of sellers that I did know. Betty over at Glassyboop who does awesome fused glass, sold me a really sweet Christmas tree ornament and is making me a custom piece that I will be giving as a gift. Can't say what it is because the giftee might peak and not be surprised.

I also saw AlexiaJean, who is one of my fellow Etsy Texas Crafters. She makes things for wee ones like little bows, dresses, things like that. I know she had a great weekend at the festival and seemed really happy at the end.

One last thing to mention, they had the most wonderful portable potties there that I had ever seen. They had heat and A/C, running water, soap, paper towels and a little bowl of mints. Everyone who used them was soooooo excited. Thanks Darlene for getting us those great toilets!!!!

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