Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching up!

Oh, where does the time go?

First let me say that the ETC Monday promo for today is "ETC has Secrets". I have 2 secrets in Handmade Whimzy and 2 in Pink Pear Designs. Find the secret, buy the secret and get a free pair of Christmas earrings like the ones listed in my Pink Pear shop! Search on etsy for "teametsytx etc secrets" and see what other participating shops have secrets. You have until midnight tonight! Go - Look!

Also, I have started making my own Pillow boxes. I wanted to offer year round gift wrapping for Pink Pear Designs and I thought pillow boxes would be sweet and still fit into a bubble mailer nicely. So, what to do with all the extra pillow boxes I've been making? Why open up a supply store on etsy, of course.

So today I opened Whimzy Supplies, to sell my handmade pillow boxes and destash supplies.

Wish me luck and check out my new shops!

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