Thursday, July 17, 2008

Promos, promos, promos!

There seems to be at least one thread going on in the etsy forums at all times about promoting and marketing your work. Sometimes there is so much info, it makes your head spin. I'm taking baby steps in the world of promoting/marketing and trying to learn more about it each day.

One thing I am doing to promote my etsy shop is to participate in my street teams promo swaps. We recently completed the second promo swap for the year so far. I received so many cool things from the swap participants including, paper bookmarks, soap samples, magnets, coupons, business cards, small bags, a techie tote, earrings, notepads, stickers, pins, ACEO's and the list goes on.......

Here is a picture of some of the great stuff!

So, then I take all this cool stuff and I divide it into little treat/goody bags for my craft show customers. The last show I did, the customers loved getting the treat bags - they went over very well.

Here is a picture of some of the treat bags I made:

I also usually include one or two promos in my online sales shipping packages. I especially like the cards that have coupons on them.

My promos for the swap were mini ribbon bookmarks. I also included business cards with coupons on the back. I just recently ordered some "I Heart Handmade" personalized pins from I just love them! They are so cute and colorful. Hopefully, my customers will pin them to their bags and remember to order from me again and again.

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