Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wip Wednesday and ALYOF August Goal

This week I've been working on my dotties.  It's a project that I started several months ago with the teaching group in our guild - The Hive.  I got sidetracked working on my butterfly quilt (which is completed and will be in an upcoming post).  So, my dotties got moved to the side.  I went to all the Hive dottie classes but just didn't have time to work on it.

It's a great project that combines several sewing techniques - paper piecing, sewing curves, applique.  The final project is a quilt but I decided early on that I wanted to make mine into placemats.

I need some placemats and these will be scrappy and fun, filled with every color.  I was going to just make 6 but I've changed my mind to 8 so I'm going to need 32 quarter square circle paper pieced bits.  So far, I have 20 completed and I find my attention wandering.  

Wandering over to my project basket of things I want to get done sooner rather than later.  One of the things in there is a Halloween charm pack from Riley Blake called Witch Hazel.  I also bought some of the fabric in the line and I'm going to make a long table runner.  I've found the pattern I want to use and I can't wait to get started cutting on it.   
Ok.  Really, I've already started cutting,  I just couldn't stand it.  So, I guess that makes it another UFO. sigh

Those are my 2 works in progress for this Wednesday.  My dotties and my Halloween table runner.  My goal for August for A Lovely Year of Finishes is to finish the paper piecing for my dottie circles so that I have 32 quarter circle sections.  I'm setting my sites low in the hopes that I will finish my goal and go above and beyond -  hey, it could happen!

PS:  I actually did finish my Butterfly quilt in time to make the goal last month at ALYOF but I didn't get it blogged or posted which was my fault.  But hey, I finished something - YAY!

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Those placemats will be amazing! Love your fabric choices.

  2. Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished place mats.

  3. Beautiful sunlike blocks! They will be great placemats.


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