Friday, June 20, 2014

My Husband's New Car - The Midlife Crisis Years

On Tuesday of this week, I dropped my hubby of at the Ford dealership so that he could sign the papers on his new car.  Normally, getting a new car isn't something I would share on my blog because really who cares?

But this is a special car.  This is my husband's midlife crisis car.
He has wanted this car for years but never bought it even with my urging  ("just buy the car so you'll shut up about it already").  But now, my 15 year old son is taking driver's ed and will need a car to practice on.  In October when he turns 16 and once he finally finishes driver's ed, he will need a car.  So, we had already decided that since I have the newer car, it is my husbands turn to buy one and my son will get his handed down SUV which is only about 5 years old so that's pretty good.

So, dear hubby went looking far and wide at cars.  He decided that he should buy something practical like a pickup.  I think he had settled on the Honda pickup - whatever it's called.

Then one day he came home from work early and said he had gone and test drove the Mustang.  It wasn't exactly the model he wanted but at least he got a good feel for the car.  He knew exactly which one he wanted since he had dreamed about it for so long.  The 2014 Ford Mustang's have a very retro feel to them.  They even look similar to the Mustangs from the 60's - at least they do to me.

The fellow at the dealership (wanting to make a sale and having his target customer right there in his grasp - men in their 50's) got on the horn (internet) and found the exact car my husband wanted and got it here about 2 weeks later.  Then he called my hubby and told him they had just what he wanted and he was willing to make a deal. 
This is my father in law who liked it just about as much as my sweet hubby.

I'm so glad he got what he wanted.  He works so hard and takes care of his family and put's up with me.  He's a good husband and daddy.  Happy Belated Father's Day David!  We love you - so much.  I'm so glad you finally got your dream car.

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