Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIP's for Wednesday - a quick update

It's Wednesday again and I thought I'd make a quick post to update the progress of some of my WIP's from this post.

WIP #1 was my Halloween quilt wall hanging that my DH requested for his office.  
I'm almost done with the quilting.  I thought I'd finish today but I had to shop at Macy's run errands.  I want to have it completely finished by Monday so he can take it to work.

My WIP #2 was to finish some items for my etsy shop and I did finish the stack I was working on but now it's time to start more.

WIP #3 was the homecoming mum which I finished and wrote about in my previous blog post.

WIP #4 was the stack of HST blocks that I have been slowly trimming.  When I last posted about them, they looked like this on my design board:
I've trimmed a few more and rearranged them and now they look like this:
One of the first modern quilts I saw was a version of this but in Christmas fabrics by Basic Grey.  I LOVED it and have wanted to make one ever since.  I'm not for sure that these blocks will stay like this but I'm really liking it so far.

WIP #5 was my cross quilt.  I haven't made anymore blocks for it although I do have a stack of fabric waiting for me to cut it so that I can make the final 6 blocks.

And of course, now I have a WIP #6.  
I've started a fall table runner using a stack of mini charms called Wrens and Friends by Moda.  I don't have a fall table runner and I thought I could whip this one up while it's still fall.  Especially since we, just this week, started having temps below 90 degrees. 

That's my progress this week on my WIP's.  I've got my fingers crossed that I will actually have a finish soon.  Maybe. 

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  1. great projects. I love the HST's. so many options with them.

  2. I like the second arrangement of the HSTs. I've never had courage to make a quilt using only HST blocks, but I sure do like the effect. Maybe I should bit the bullet and try.

  3. Gosh, you sure are busy! Happy modern fabrics! I agree the HST are so fun to ply with..yours are great!

  4. Your HSTs look great!

  5. i designed a similar diamond hst quilt myself earlier this summer! i knew it couldn't be original even if i'd never seen it because it's just too obvious a choice for hsts. but i'm still lovin' it! how fun yours looks i the rainbow style.


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