Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mixing Up Quilt blocks

During one of my recent quilting classes, our teacher challenged us to see what other blocks we could make with the pieces of the blocks we were working on for class. I accepted the challenge :)

So, let's mix it up, shall we?  
Here are the nine patches of my card trick block switched around to make a star.  The corner pieces would make diamonds when more blocks are added to it.
Here those same squares are again.  I don't know what to call this block but it's very pretty.

This next block is one that I completed back in January for the BOM at my LQS.  I had really messed it up by being over zealous in squaring up each block. 
 It was suppose to be 12 inches but ended up 10 by the time I was through with it.  So, I decided to remake it but before I sewed the squares together, I played around with the layout and this is what I came up with.
 A really cool X!
Then changed around again and you get this:
Notice how if I had turned the bottom row of blocks upside down, it would have made a different X shape.  That would make a cool quilt - diamonds and X's.

And look, now it's a heart!
I love quilting - it's so versatile and unpredictable yet precise and organized. 
These are my 5 blocks together.  January through May.  I haven't done June's block yet.  I still have a week and a half until the next meeting :)
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  1. What a cool idea - to change up the pieces like that! I am fascinated with all the different looks that can be made with the same blocks in quilts. I particularly love the "X" - what is the name of that dark red with blue batik? So pretty!

    I'm due to take a class at my LQS next Saturday. I've taken a few classes before I was comfortable with quilting, so I am looking forward to finally being in a class where I actually know (kind of) what I'm doing!

  2. Linda - that quilt block is called Margaret's Choice.

    Quilting is so much cooler than I ever thought it would be.


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