Sunday, June 2, 2013

Modern Quilting

Modern Quilting - the new quilting movement.

I've read a lot of magazine articles, blog posts, etc. lately about modern quilting and all the different types of modern quilting.  There is much debate over what modern quilting means and its subcategories.

I'm not going to go into all of that.  I'm just going to say that the modern quilting movement is what got me interested in quilting.  I've been around quilting all my life, my mother quilted for a time.  My first quilting project ever was a Christmas tree skirt that I made 20ish years ago when my husband and I got married.  I hand cut (with scissors) all the pieces and then hand sewed and hand quilted it.   Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE hand sewing?  Well, I do.  I can take it in small doses and I mean very small.  But more than I few stitches makes me frustrated and angry.  I'm still surprised that I ever finished that tree skirt.

But I'm absolutely in love with modern quilting.  The colorful fabrics, modern designs, geometric shapes, the rule of "there are no rules".  I read an article recently stating that you should learn the traditional way of quilting and then do what you want.  I love that!

Don't get me wrong.  I love old quilts and old quilt patterns and I have a great respect for all quilters because I know how much love and time they put into their quilts.  Especially hand sewn ones - yikes!

The magazine shown above is one of my favorite quilting magazines.  Here is my very favorite:
It has lots of pointers for beginners and really great articles.

And now for some quilt blocks. 
I have been remiss in showing my quilt blocks for the BOM's I'm doing so I thought I'd just show them in big lumps instead of one each month.

Here are my blocks for the Lucky Stars paper piecing online BOM.  These are for January - April and the practice block.  I haven't completed the May or June blocks yet.

 My favorite.  I'd like to make a mini quilt with this one.
This was the practice block.  It looks like a ninja star to me and is my second favorite so far.

I'm about half way through quilting the quilt from the last blog post and I'll get pics up asap.

Hope you're enjoying the warm summer weather.
PS - the birds left their nest.


  1. I love your blocks! The colors work so well together. Lol on the ninja star. :)

    My interest in quilting was rekindled after my Mom died in 2010. Up until then I had only taken a hand-quilting class, so I quickly took a beginning quilting class at a LQS. My teacher (and I'm not being critical) was very particular about everything, not only about technically precise rotary cutting, but also she encouraged us to take our stitches out if our points didn't meet. As a result of that and some "anal-ness" on my own part ;) I became too nervous to start any quilting on my own; quilting was a lot more complicated and difficult than I imagined it would be.

    Fortunately, modern quilting (Angela Walters to be exact) got me going in quilting. Angela's attitude of "do it and quit worrying if it's perfect" was an eye-opener for me - I just love her.

    I actually do prefer traditional patterns to the modern ones, but there are many, many "modern" patterns that I love and want to make. So yeah, I agree with ya! :)

  2. I'm interested in the Quilty magazine - do you do the auto-ship?

  3. Linda, I don't have a subscription, although I should get one since I buy every issue. I'm sure the subscription would save me a few bucks. Instead, I just wonder down to the Barnes and Noble and buy it. The Modern Quilting magazine, I order on line. I bought my first one at a quilt show and I think they've had 4 issues out so far - I have 3.

    I want to take one of Angela Walters craftsy classes at some point. Just haven't gotten around to it. And if my quilts had to be perfect, I would just give up. That's just too much pressure and stress to put on yourself for something that is suppose to be fun and stress relieving.


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