Thursday, August 2, 2012

Say Hello to Bob

Say Hello to my new friend Bob.

Bob likes to eat nuts on the ground around the tree that is outside my sewing room window.  I love watching him and he seems to like watching me too.  He hangs out on the branches staring at me and letting me take his picture.
I left some pecans for him but it took him two days to find them and the bird who lives in the tree also, had already eaten most of them.  The bird is really mean and he hates Bob.

Bob is my new boyfriend.  Isn't  he sweet?  :)

And now for crafting news.
Here are some Christmas stockings that I'm almost finished with - I'm sewing the last button on now.  I want to start listing them today.
These particular stockings are made with Moda Flurry fabric and Riley Blake Christmas Candy Rolie Polie.  I will also have available Moda's Ready Set Snow and a very limited supply of Moda's 12 Days of Christmas.
I'm going to have a very limited supply of Christmas stockings this year because they are very labor intensive to make.  There are about a million pieces to each stocking.
So, if you want to get in a custom order, or you know someone who does, get your order in early.
My next post will be about this great sewing class I took last week to learn machine paper piecing.  It was awesome!

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  1. Love the stockings! (Not all that crazy 'bout Bob. Sorry. My hub calls squirrels "rats with good PR." But I think it's cool that you communicate with him out your sewing room window.) I like to watch the road runners drink out of our backyard birdbath. ;^)


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