Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Pin Cushion

Well, school is out, summer has started.  My son is officially an 8th grader. 
He had a great 7th grade year. 
- he was asked to join the National Junior Honor Society
- he received 2 merit awards, one in math and one in language arts
- he was nominated by his teachers and the middle school staff to be one of 3 middle school students up for a special PTA scholarship.  The winner was randomly drawn and he didn't win but still. 
- he made Principals Honor Roll the first 5 six weeks grading periods and Honor Roll the last six weeks
- his middle school band (where he plays alto sax) won a 1 at band contest at Canton Music Festival and they got a big ol' trophy to boot.
- he stepped outside of his box and played middle school baseball
And there's more but I can't remember it all.  Anyhoo, I'm so proud of him and the young man he is turning into, although it's hard to watch my baby growing up so fast.

Big Sigh.

Okay, now for the crafty stuff. 
Two of my pincushions have eyeballs.  One is a chicken and one is a ladybug. 
I can no longer stand to put pins into them.  I know that probably means I've gone over the edge into crazy land but I wasn't very far off anyway.  I just can't stand to put pins into anything with a face anymore.

So, I pulled out this magazine

and made this pincushion.

What I didn't realize at the time - even while I was sewing it - is how big it was going to be when I was finished.  You can see it takes up almost a whole magazine page.  It's huge.  Plus I made some mistakes on it like when I started marking it with my new disappearing ink marking pin only to realize it was a red Sharpie marker.  Now it has red marker all over it.  Also, it was so big and fat that it was hard to sew the button on the top.  As a result, the bottom of the pincushion looks awful.  So, if you ever come over to my sewing room, don't look at the bottom.  HAHAHA

That's all for now.  I can't type anymore.
Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations to your son--and to you. Love the story about the pincushion. Been there, done that. Me, I would have made a smaller pincushion once I realized I used the wrong marker. What I couldn't cover cutting it down I'd have embellished with embroidery. Hey, if there's a fix to be found, I'll find it. ;^)


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