Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pictures of my naked cat

Well, time sure flies.  Sometimes, it flies quicker than other times.

I don't have any great crafting news because I've barely worked on anything lately although, I have been working on some bookmark sets for my shop.  (soon to be listed!)

Anyhoo, about 2 weeks ago, I got my cat shaved.  She has alot of cotton candy hair and it mats up really badly.  She's so mean that she won't let me brush her, so I just take her to the vet and they knock her out and shave her.
Believe it or not, it actually makes her nicer.  She's alot more loving and friendly withought all the hair. 
My son says she looks like a hairless rat.

Also, here is a pick of the Asiatic Lillies that I posted about in the previous post.  This was taken when they were in full bloom.  They were very red but the picture makes them look more orange.  Very pretty.

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  1. Poor baby! My Max is meaner'n a cat in heat himself, but I doubt shaving him would make him nicer. Isn't it strange that no matter how wicked they are we still love their asses? (That's what I tell him: I love his ass.) We got a brush from our vet that digs into the under hair to get the knots out, but it takes two of us to work on Max, and he doesn't like us much when we're done. ;^)

    This is a long comment, I know, but I wanted to respond to the comment you left me: I am the least smart person about the computer. I only signed up with Facebook to join Pinterest and I only use Pinterest to mark things I find toolin' about the 'net. It's a great placesaver! Better'n bookmarks cuz you got pics. Try it, you'll like it. Oh, and great idea about the tablecloths to aprons. Can't wait to see that.


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