Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Customer Service

I have read a lot about poor customer service on the Internet lately.  Large sites who have arbitrary rules that their employees don't seem to understand or know how to follow.  Small sellers, such as etsy sellers, who can't even seem to say "thank you" to their customers, let alone actually send a packing slip or business card with an order.

I've actually written a long rambling rant that I was going to post on my blog but I just don't have the energy to finish it.  But I will share what really got me to thinking about customer service. 
It was this line that one of my dear customers left in my feedback:

"Oh so lovely, received super fast, with a thank you note!!"

This wonderful person, who supports handmade and who has made quite a few purchases on etsy, made a point of saying how wonderful it was to get a thank you note with her purchase.  This leads me to believe that she hasn't gotten very many thank you notes which makes me very sad.

I've shopped on etsy for years and have loved most of my purchases.  But the ones I love best are the ones who at least say thank you.  It's such a small thing but it makes such a BIG difference.  Maybe even the difference on whether or not you'll get future sales.

Maybe we've forgotten what we learned as children and what we all strive to teach our children?
The three most important words are Please and Thank You.


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