Monday, September 26, 2011

96th East Texas State Fair and PIE

It's time for the 96th East Texas State Fair!
It goes on for about a week and a half.  So far, we've gone once but we plan to go again (and maybe for lunch a couple of times too!) 
Even if you don't like to ride anything, it's still fun to go, just for the food.  ALOT of people go just for the food.  For example, the PIE at the Trinity Lutheran Church booth.  It is awesome!
I love their pecan pie which is kind of funny because I don't like pecan pie.  And their chocolate pie, OMG.
Here's a pic of the pecan pie which I might have already started eating before I took the pic :)

I think the reason I love fair time so much is because I'm from a small town and the fair was the biggest social event of the year.  It started with a Monday parade and ended with Saturday night at the fair and rodeo.  Good times.

And here  is a sneak peak of something that I'm working on. 

Can you guess what it will be?


  1. I envy you your fair. We don't even have one here in Llano County, but I remember the one in Allegheny County when hub and I lived in Pa. It was cool too. (The state fair in Dallas is too big for me. Even when we lived there, the parking was a nightmare!)

    Your work in progress is pretty. You could use it any number of ways, but I'm voting for a pillow. (I've not visited in quite some time. Good to see you're still here!)

  2. OK, you seriously have me craving pecan pie right now. I hardly every get it! And your craft looks super cute.

  3. Hi Nancy!
    We enjoy going to the State Fair occasionally. If you pay to park in one of their parking lots, it's not too bad. They even have shuttles.
    So glad you stopped by to visit!!

    Thanks so much Grumy Grateful Mom! I'll post picks of my finished project. Those little flowers are super easy to make.


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