Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy Week

Well, it's been a crazy week so far.  Actually, the whole summer has been weird.

First, I put this dark purple polish on my toes and I don't like it but I'm too lazy to take it off and redo them.

I think I've spent more time with my chiropractor than I've spent with my son.

It's been so HOT.  Even hotter than usual for Texas and we haven't even been going to the pool.  Because it's too HOT.  Although I have to say, I'd much rather be too hot than be cold.  I hate cold weather and I've already started buying sweaters for fall/winter.

I've been working on Christmas items for what seems like forever.  There all over my sewing room and non of them are finished.  What's up with that?

We have 2 1/2 weeks before school starts back for us, so my son and I were going to do all our major errands this week.  We have to buy uniforms, take them to the embroidery store to get the school logo put on, buy school supplies, get vaccines, and on and on and on.
But instead, my poor sweetie got some kind of stomach virus and was sick for the past 2 days.  He feels better today though.  YAY!

Ok, that's enough about my life and my whining. (and yes, I would like some cheese with my whine - and maybe some wine with my whine too)   
Let's talk about some crafting.
I showed off my piecework in this post about a table runner that I'm making my MIL for Christmas.  Here is the fabric I bought to do the stripes on the side and back.
It has all of the same colors in it that the jellyroll fabric had.  I could have also gotten a brown fabric that would have looked good but I thought it would be too dark.
Here is the piecework pic to compare.

I have the lining fleece in and I've started quilting the table runner.  When I get it finished, I'll be sure to post pics.
One thing I learned with this project, was that I need a walking foot.  I've got another pieced project started that I need to start quilting but I'm waiting for the new walking foot that I ordered from Amazon.

So, that's it for today.  Stay inside, drink lots of water and don't have a heat stroke. :)

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