Thursday, May 6, 2010

Matchbook Notepads Tutorial

One day recently, I was reading my friend Suzanne's blog, Crazy for Collars. I noticed that she has a tutorial section which included how to make matchbook notepads.

I've just recently come to appreciate the convenience of these little pads of paper. They are small, so they don't take up much room in your purse, and they come in handy when you have to right down phone numbers really quick or your kid says, "do you have any paper I can draw on, I'm bored!" while waiting at the Dr.s office.

So, I thought, wouldn't that be cute to make and send out as a promotional gift with my packages? I decided to use some Amy Butler scrapbooking paper that I already had - it's bright and colorful. I followed Suzanne's instructions except that I didn't round the corners or use a paw print punch. Instead, I printed address size labels that I already had with the web address of my Handmade Whimzy shop and a little tag line. It would have looked better if I had used clear labels, but I already had these white ones, so I thought I'd use them up.

I attached the labels to the front of the notepad so that everytime it's used, the label will be seen and will hopefully remind the user to have a look at my shop. :)

I did make one mistake. My DH pointed it out to me. Suzanne's tutorial says to fold the bottom flap up 3/4 of an inch. Well, I thought I'd be smart and go with a whole inch (or maybe a little more). That way, my label would fit on perfectly. But as my DH pointed out, that leaves less paper exposed. So to write on more of the paper, you would have to bend the little flap back to expose the paper. Oh well, live and learn - and next time follow directions better.

Thanks so much to Suzanne for giving me permission to use her tutorial on my blog. If you haven't checked out her etsy shop, you should. She has the greatest collars for dogs. And she's having a SALE right now - through Friday!

I'm going to start a tutorial section to the right --------------> and my first one will be the link to Suzanne's matchbook notepad. I've been working on my first tutorial and will be posting it soon.

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  1. Tricia--I love your little notepads. They look delightful! I love your paper choices for the covers and I think you label is the Perfect idea/addition. Thanks so much for sharing my info with all of your readers.


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