Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall/Winter has made it to East Texas

I hate cold weather.

I'm sure I have said that many times before, but I really do.

It has been in the 30's this week, for most of the week and we even had snow flurries on Friday.

The only good part of cold weather is the Christmas holidays. Our neighborhood looks awesome at night with all the lights up on the houses. Many of our neighbors have the holiday spirit, so that makes for a very cheery drive through at night.

I'm sure people in colder areas think I'm a whiny baby about it, but hey, that's why I live in Texas and not Minnesota. You couldn't drag me there in the winter. I much prefer 90 degree weather and wearing shorts to having to "bundle up". Ack! I hate bundling up!

Ok, that's enough of a rant. At least we have some really pretty trees around us. Here are some in our neighborhood.
And this is our still green Bradford Pear tree. For some reason, we always get the ones that hang on to their green leaves as long as possible and then one day, poof, they will all be gone. We can never pick the trees that have the glorious color. Our trees are all dysfunctional. LOL

Stayed tuned for tomorrows December 1st Monday sale info.
I'll be posting it later tonight.

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