Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mac's New Collar and a Thrift Store Find

This past Monday, during our team's First Monday Sale, I purchased a new collar for our dog Mac from Suzanne at We got it today and it is soooo adorable. It's a turquoise bandana print - sewn very well and with a super easy clip to take it on and off.
Mac was soooo excited when I showed it to him. He smelled it for a long time and just danced around with a smile on his face. He wore it tonight during our walk but unfortunately, his cute little fluffy girlfriend who lives down the street wasn't out tonight :(

Also, this week, I had to sojourn downtown to take the sacks of glass bottles to the recycling center. It's too bad that I didn't know they were closed on Monday and Tuesday. LOL So, since my trip downtown was a bust, I decided to stop in at the thrift store that I don't usually go to because it's ALL THE WAY downtown.
And look what awesome find I made there! Brand new Martha Stewart napkins in aqua which match the cute placemats I got on clearance last year at Target. I haven't been able to find napkins I liked to match and was just planning to make my own. Now I don't have to! They were really cheap too. Only $0.75 each. I bought 12 for $9. YAY!
I have Fiesta ware in pretty much every color of the rainbow that I use with these and it will look great. The napkins are the ones on top and the striped fabric is the placemats. And yes, I know I need to iron them - I promise I don't use them all wrinkled for company. I love for my table to be full of color. No one gets matching plates. They get one color for salad and another for main course.
So, if I block all the aweful back to school shopping from my mind, it was a good week!! LOL


  1. Great finds and darling puppy dog! I just love the new collar! Fabulous! Thank you for being one of my followers! I will have to post about you! And I will have to follow you too!
    Linda :)


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