Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pink Pear Designs in its first Treasury!!

My new shop, Pink Pear Designs, is in its first Treasury! My Butterfly necklace was chosen by Kate at OrganicOdysseys to be in her "No Rhyme or Reason" Treasury. Thanks so much Kate!!!

Here is the screen shot I took:

Click the link to view the whole treasury and read all the nice comments!
Kate incorporates nature into her art and has some wonderful things in her shop. This is my favorite piece - http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15375253. It's called Dragonfly Stopover.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pink Pear Designs is now open!!!

My new store, Pink Pear Designs, is now open on etsy!! I'm very excited. I have a new line of jewelry that I am listing as quickly as I can and I really hope it will be well received. Pink Pear carries jewelry that is inspired by romance. Some pieces are one of a kind, some have a vintage look, some use vintage pieces, some are Victorian inspired. All are beautiful, sweet, romantic and girly.

My Banner is not up yet, as it is still being perfected. But you can still come on in and shop.
All of my pieces come to you boxed and tied with a pretty ribbon, ready for gift giving.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My clean dog.

Monday, I took my dog, Mac, to get a bath at Petsmart. The groomer just went on and on about how sweet he was. She even gave him this sweet Halloween bandana with spiders on it. Here he is all clean. What do you think?
We've had Mac about 2 1/2 years now. We got him from an animal rescue called Country Ladies Rescue. I highly recommend their organization. Mac is the best dog ever and I'm so glad they took him in so we could find him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arts and Crafts Show Booth set up!

My booth setup for the 2008 Rose Festival Arts and Crafts show. This was the first time I had used white table covers. Usually I use black. My husband liked it better this way - he said it made the jewelry stand out better. I'm not sure. It felt like an aweful lot of white.
I'm in the process of finding better displays for my necklaces and I came up with a better packaging method for my bookmarks just this morning.

My sign hanging up in back is handmade by me and it matches my business cards.
Check me out on flicker for more booth pics!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tyler Rose Garden is gorgeous!

Well, the big Arts and Crafts show this past weekend was pretty much a big dud. The city changed the venue from Bergfeld Park to the Tyler Rose Garden so that it would be closer to the other Rose Festival Festivities. However, whenever you change a venue, it takes several years for the customers to figure out where it moved to, and to follow. So, therefore, no customers. It was so sad.

The venue WAS gorgeous and it was so nice having indoor potties.
Here are some beautiful pics of some of the roses courtesy of The Tyler Rose Garden.

Oh well, the next show will be better and at least the weather was perfect!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Craft Show Tomorrow!

This weekend I will have a booth at the Rose Festival Arts and Crafts in Tyler, Texas. The Arts and Craft show has been moved this year from Bergfeld Park to the Rose Garden. Keep your fingers crossed that we will have a good turnout. Anytime there is a change in venue, I get nervous. Mostly because it usually takes 2-3 years for people to figure out where you've moved to.

We went tonight and set up our tent and carried all the heavy stuff in. We have a good location, right by the entrance and our neighbors that we met seem really friendly.

The Rose Parade starts at 9 a.m. and I'm thinking that we will be really busy once ends as there will be so many people already in the area from the parade. Let's just hope the traffic continues.

I have tons on new stuff for the show - unfortunately, no pics :(
I even have some special lampwork glass rose earrings in red and yellow.

If you're in the area, stop on by and visit!

Monday, October 13, 2008

You've been BOO'D!

I've been thinking about Booing some of my neighbors this Halloween. I've heard and read about doing this and I think it's a really cool idea. We have two neighbors with little bitty kiddos and a retired couple across the street. I think I'll even include a big old doggy bone for the neighbors dog. He needs to be boo'd too, don't ya think?

Have you ever heard of the Boo game? It's where you make up a bag of treats and leave it on your neighbor's doorstep with a little picture of a ghost and a poem. The poem basically says that the person has been boo'd and that they should now boo someone else. However, I don't like the part about making the person feel like they have to boo someone else. I just want to leave treats for some of the neighbors. So I started looking on the internet and found several people who had the same idea as me.

Crazedparent.org has a post about Booing and there was a great poem left in the comments for people who don't want to make the recipient feel as though they have to continue the Booing.
Here's the poem:

The air is cool, the season fall,
soon Halloween will come to all
With Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore
trick-or-treaters at your door
The spooks are after things to do,

in fact, a spook brought this "Boo" to you
The treats that come with this short note
are yours to keep, enjoy them both!
You don't have to spread this cheer

but if you do,
do it to someone you hold dear

Here is how to make a Boo:
Place a goody bag beside the door

include this poem and one thing more
A special treat or something fun,
now your Boo is almost done
Don't sign your name, don't leave a clue

cause that's the magic of a Boo!
Happy Halloween!

This website - organizedchristmas.com has some really great Booing signs and more info about it.

So go out there and BOO someone. This would be a great way to raise the spirits of an elderly person in your neighborhood or anyone else that needs a little fall cheer!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My awesome gift!

As promised, I am posting some pics of the awesome gift I received from Connie of Refabulous for Etsy Texas Crafters 1st ever gift swap. It is a black tote bag with red felted poppies. The inside fabric is black with red poppies and there is even a little pocket and a little ring to hold keys. The sewing is top notch - really beautiful and professional. Connie - you ROCK!

I'm almost afraid to use it because it's so pretty! Ok, all my fellow team members, you can be jealous now!
Ok, funny story, when I received the package and opened it, my little dog Mac, came and started sniffing it and looking at it. Then he ran off and came back with his little stuffed red dog toy in his mouth as if to say, "I like red too, see my red!" I've learned not to leave anything red where he can reach it or he will grab it and claim it for himself. He's such a scamp.

P.S. Connie has several cool totes in her store right now and they are almost as beautiful as mine. LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Etsy Texas Crafters 1st Monday SALE!!!

It's the 1st Monday of October and time for Etsy Texas Crafters 1st Monday sale!!!

Everything in my shop is 10% off all day today until 12 midnight (1am etsy time).

There are over 80 shops participating this month. Check out our forum thread for all participating shops.
Now is a great time to get great prices for Christmas!

My new pendants make great stocking stuffers for the girls/tweens in your life!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Store Coming SOON!

I've been working for awhile now on opening a second etsy shop. I have a whole new line of jewelry that I've made and I just don't feel like it fits into Handmade Whimzy. My new line is very romantic. So I wanted to create a place just for it. I'm in the process now of opening the shop and I'll post all the info just as soon as I can.

Etsy Texas Crafters has been accepted to MakerFaire!

Our group, Etsy Texas Crafters, has been accepted to Maker Faire which is taking place in Austin, Texas on October 18 and 19. Our booth will be a make booth, meaning you can stop by and learn how to make something. We will also be passing out "goody bags" with team members business cards and coupons. Signing up to receive our team newsletter will get you a bag with team samples and other goodies. I wish I could be there to help that weekend because it really sounds like fun.

Check out our
Maker Faire Page here.

And as always, you can search "teametsytx" on etsy.com to find all the great listings for members of our talented group!